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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Why do I need to whiten my teeth.

1) Some people have stained teeth. Whitening can make a marked difference and may be able to mask the stains making the teeth more attractive.

2) Attractive smile goes a long way in making an impression and definitely improves your self confidence.

3) Bleaching or whitening of the teeth is an absolutely safe method and does not harm your teeth in any way.

4) It is simple and painless.

Depending upon the individual need and convinience,different methods of teeth whitening are used in our office.

Teeth whitening or dental bleaching is a commonly used procedure in dentistry to make our smile attractive and teeth look whiter and brighter.

Office Bleach:- By these method teeth can be made several shades lighter within one hour of treatment. It is done in the clinic where the dentist applies a special teeth whitening gel to your teeth and this gel is then activated by the use of a special light. The procedure may take upto 45 minutes.

Home Bleach:- This type of bleach may be used in the convenience of your own home. The patient is provided with a special treys that fit well on their teeth and set of “Home Bleach" tubes. Dentist instructs the patient how the material provided should be used. This method allows you the convenience of teeth whitening in the comfort of your home.