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Dental Night Guard

Dental Night Guard

Night guard is protective dental appliance which covers your teeth and gums. It helps prevent or reduce injury to teeth and gums. It is generally made of acrylic resin or vinyl. It is used for either upper or lower arch of teeth but sometimes both types may be used .

Who are you required to wear a Night Guard?

It is often recommended for people
1) who have extreme wearing off enamel of the teeth due to habits like“night grinding” or bruxsism and Clenching of teeth.
This is often seen in people with high - stress jobs.
2) people with malaligned teeth .
3) patients with jaw joint aches or TMD (tempro mandibular joint Disorder)
4) Multiple crowns and filling in mouth

How It works
Night Guard forms a protective barrier between the teeth thereby reducing the impact of grinding on the teeth. It helps to
1) protects the enamel of teeth from wearing off
2) Protects veneers , fillings and crowns from chipping
3) Helps jaw muscles relax and eases pain in TMD