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Cracked Tooth Treatment

Cracked Tooth Treatment

Cracks in the teeth may not be visible and are not easily seen on the X-Ray. The important sign of having a cracked tooth is the sharp pain that occurs Treatment for the cracked tooth depends upon the severity as well as the depth of the crack.

on biting on a particular tooth that disappears soon after the pressure is released. It is unlike the persistent pain of an inflamed or infected tooth that lingers on .

Minor chips or cracks

If the crack is small and involves only the outer layers or the tooth (enamel and dentin),the tooth can be restored by a composite filling or tooth bonding. However if aesthetics is a big concern Ceramic Veneers can be a choice.

Deep Crack extending to the pulp

If the crack is deep and involves the pulp of the tooth of the tooth, Root Canal Treatment of the tooth followed by a crown is advised. The pulp of the tooth gets exposed to the bacterial toxins and gets inflamed. If left untreated the infection may reach the bone and form an abscess.

Vertical Split in tooth involving only the Crown

When the tooth has split vertically into two parts , the smaller part may have to be removed while the larger portion of a multi rooted tooth can be saved by Root Canal Treatment followed by a crown.

Vertical split involving the root

If the vertical split in the tooth runs deep and the root of the tooth is also involved, the tooth is advised to be removed.