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Dentures are the type of removable replacement for missing teeth as well as for surrounding tissues. These replacements for missing teeth can easily be taken out and put back again into the mouth. However, the patient may feel uncomfortable in the initial stage of using dentures, but gradually they will become used to with it. The dentures we offer at Dentxl Dental Care Clinic are natural looking and they are more comfortable than the traditional dental dentures.

Though Dentxl Dental Care Clinic offers different types of dentures, but the most widely used dentures are Partial Dentures and Complete Dentures. Partial Dentures are mainly designed for patients with few missing teeth, while the complete denture is designed for patients with all teeth missing. The dentists at Dentxl Dental Care Clinic will evaluate your case and recommend you the best denture possible according to your condition.

We design the dentures for patients in our dental laboratory simply by taking the impressions of their mouth. The dentists will take the impression of the mouth and decide which type of denture will be perfect for patients. By considering the condition and oral health of the patients we recommend dentures to our patients.

Conventional Full Denture: This is a type of complete denture that is typically placed into the mouth of the patient after removing the remaining teeth. It is placed after the tissues are healed properly.

Immediate Full Denture: This is a type of complete denture that is placed immediately after removing the remaining teeth. With this denture the patient needs not to wait till the healing of the tissues as it can be placed immediately after remaining teeth are removed.

Partial Denture: Partial denture are recommended to patients having few teeth in their mouth. The partial dentures are mainly designed with metal framework that is placed on the natural teeth. Crowns are placed along with the denture and it acts as anchors for the dentures. It is a removable denture and ultimate alternative to dental bridges. Partial dentures are made out diverse materials including flexible thermoplastics, acrylic and metal combination and acrylics. When the patient looks for temporary replacement of missing teeth, then we offer them acrylic dentures by considering their oral health. The combination of metal and acrylic dentures is usually known as cast partial denture and it is the permanent and most rigid style of denture. The cast partial denture comes with cast metal base consisting palatal coverage and minimum thickness. We mainly use this type of denture in the cases where the preservation of the denture is compromised and require strong claps made out of metal to keep the denture primed. Because of minimum palatal coverage the denture permits the patients to reap maximum benefits of their oral tissues without any hassles. The third one is the flexible thermoplastics that offer the benefit of flexibility and esthetics. This is a type of removable denture that patients need to remove at night to contribute towards healthy oral environment.

Metal Based Dentures: This is type of denture where a section of denture is made out of substantial metal casting instead of acrylic resin. We at Dentxl Dental Care Clinic generally use this procedure for lower dentures. There are mainly two different types of metal based dentures: Standard metal based denture and Modified metal based denture. In Standard metal based denture the metal base is fixed into the underlying supporting tissues. Special medical grade alloy known as hypoallergenic is used to fabricate the metal base of the denture and this material is extremely biocompatible with tissues. The tissues that come in contact with this type of material tend to appear very healthy. In Modified metal based denture the metal base never comes in contact with supporting tissues. There is a hard or soft plastic liner is available that is interjected between the supporting tissues and metal.

Injection Moulded Dentures: Injection moulded technique is a process where a high-performance heated medical grade plastic material is inserted into the hollow mould by using very high pressure. Injection Moulded dentures are fabricated by using very high medical grade materials and they are quite durable too. This type of denture offers long lasting functionality and flexibility. No harmful chemical is used in the denture, thus the chance is bad breath is eliminated. Injection Moulded dentures are available in diverse shades and this denture assures perfect fitting.