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Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment of the teeth is done traditionally in multiple sittings. In modern endodontics new materials and advanced technology has made it possible to do the root canal procedure in a single visit.

The steps involved in the Root Canal Treatment are
1) The tooth is first made numb by giving local anaesthesia. This ensures that the patient is pain –free during the procedure
2) A cavity is then drilled in the top portion of the tooth to gain acess to the infected center or the pulp of the tooth.
3) With the help of small , thin needle –like instruments, all the infected pulp is removed from inside the tooth. The root canal of the tooth are also shaped and cleaned properly .
4) Finally the root canal are ready to be filled with a bio- compatible material called Gutta Percha

This completes the procedure of RCT but the patient is recommended to return to his dentist after few days to fortify the Root canal treated tooth with a strong restoration or Crown.Cron will ensure that the tooth is able to withstand the forces of eating and the tooth becomes fully functional.


Can Single sitting root canal treatment be done for all cases ?

Single sitting root canal treatment can be done for any tooth provided it is not badly infected. Taking in consideration the condition of the tooth , oral health and other factors your dentist will decide if Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment is suited for the particular case.

Will there be pain after the Root Canal ?

The root canal treated tooth may feel sensitive for few days after the treatment. This mild discomfort can be controlled by the prescribed pain – Killers. The tooth may feel a little different from the rest of the teeth for few days . However if there is a severe pain you need to get in touch with your dentist.

Is there an alternative treatment available if i don’t want a root canal treatment?

The root Canal treatment is required when the pulp(core of tooth with nerves and blood vessles) of the tooth becomes inflamed or infected either due to a deep cavity , new caries under an old filling, fracture of a tooth or forceful blow to the tooth .If left untreated the infection from the tooth can cause pain and form an abscess in the bone.

The only alternative treatment for such tooth is Extraction of the tooth.