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Braces / Orthodontic Treatment

Braces / Orthodontic Treatment

Commonly occurring problem that makes us feel conscious to smile or sometimes give trouble in chewing are crooked teeth, teeth protruding outwards, gaps in between etc. are referred to as malalignment or malocclusion.

These problems can easily be corrected by orthodontic treatment. Depending upon the age of the patient and the extent of malalignment or malocclusion of teeth, orthodontist decides if the treatment will involve using fixed braces or removable appliances. (Used mainly for younger children)

Stainless steel braces:- These are the most popular braces used. It is what you visualize when you think of braces.

Ceramic or tooth coloured braces:-They make the treatment nearly invisible. It is a popular choice for the people who do not want braces to show prominently.

Lingual Braces:-These are attached to the inside or lingual side of your teeth. No one can tell if you are wearing braces. It is especially for adults whose profession keep them in public eye.

Clear Path Aligners:- This is a newer method which uses thin transparent removable aligners which gently guide your teeth in correct position. There is no need of brackets and wires. Aligners are comfortable when compared to brackets and wires and also no one will ever know that you are wearing braces.

Removable Appliances:-Some minor problems may be corrected using removable appliances. They can be specially useful in younger children who may be developing crooked teeth because of harmful habits of thumb sucking, teeth grinding, etc. Proper intervention by these simple appliances may sometimes prevent the need of fixed braces.