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Children Dentistry

Children Dentistry

Dental care for young children starts as early as 6 months of age,when the first milk tooth appears in the mouth.

The milk teeth  for children have  an important role to play. They not  only help in eating well for  also maintain the proper space  and shape of the jaws so that the permanent teeth  come in the proper alignment.

Dental visit for  young  kids need to very pleasant and it is usually recommended that no procedure be performed in the  child’s first dental visit .A t Dentxl child is just made familiar with the  dental office and the staff to dispel  all the apprehensions the child  might have had about the dental treatment.

We recommend highly   some preventive treatment for young children to ensure they have a caries free mouth.

 . It is the simplest and  routine  method for  effective prevention of cavities in children.The application of fluoride is easy to achieve. The fluoride varnish or gels are applied on a childs teeth for few minutes. The child is then instructed to avoid eating or drinking for half an hour. The fluoride on drying forms a protective layer on the teeth that   strengthens the mineral structure of teeth by increasing the fluoride   content. This makes the teeth stronger against   attack of cavities. It also sometimes   remineralizes already existing cavities. Flouride application prevents and even reverse s  early childhood caries .It helps in reducing cavities in both primary and permanent teeth.

PIT AND FISSURE SEALANTS. The  uneven pits and areas of sharp grooves on the chewing surfaces of teeth are  the most potential area for cavities as it is difficult to clean. A material is flowed in the cracks ,grooves ,pits and fissures of a tooth thus blocking off the potential area of tooth decay .The procedure does not require any tooth cutting .It is highly recommended for new permanent molars in your child’s mouth.

SPACE MAINTAINERS. If a baby or milk tooth is lost earlier than it should   due to cavities or trauma  ,it is important that the space in  the mouth prevented from closing up due to the movement of neighbouring teeth. This is done with the help of  custom made space maintainers for  your childs teeth. The space maintainer will ensure that when  the permanent tooth  erupts ,it come in  right alignment.

PULPOTOMY or BABY Tooth Root Canal Treatment.
When the cavities in baby tooth   become very deep and infect the tooth nerve  the diseased and infected part of the  tooth nerve is removed . A soothing medicine   is placed inside the tooth. This protects the tooth from the need of going for premature removal of tooth.