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Ridge Preservation or Socket Preservation

Ridge Preservation or Socket Preservation

Ridge Preservation is a technique where the tooth socket from where the tooth is removed, is cleansed and prepared to be free of bacteria. A bone graft material is then packed in that site. Sometimes the area is covered with special membrane to ensure that the gum and bone tissue heal perfectly .

This procedure is done to preserve and help create a solid bone to provide stable foundation for the success of an implant. In many cases this procedure avoids the need of more costly and elaborate surgery like sinus lift.

The loss of tooth results in the consequent loss of bone in that area. Major changes have been seen to occur in the extraction site during first year after tooth extraction. The preservation of the bone of the jaws at the time of tooth extraction helps to minimize the difficulties during subsequent implant placement. A site planned for implant placement requires sufficient bone height and width to ensure stability and ideal soft tissue contour.

Careful management of of the extraction socket at the time of tooth extraction
1) Prevents bone loss
2) Provides better cosmetic outcome for dental implant placement
3) Provides solid foundation to ensure stability and success of implant placement
4) May eliminate the need for elaborate ridge augmentation procedures like sinus lift surgery