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Bad Breath Treatment

Bad Breath Treatment

Bad breath medically called halitosis is a very common problem .The reason of bad breath could be many and varied. Bad breath may be caused by local factors in the mouth like plaque, gum disease, dental caries, poorly fitting crowns and dentures, dry mouth, or an abcess.

Bad breath could be also sign of a certain health problems like pneumonia, bronchitis ,diabetes , acid reflux or liver and kidney disease.

Bad Breath could also be simply due to unhealthy habits like smoking or it could be due to consumption of strong food products like garlic.

The treatment for bad breath is however directly related to its cause .

Common Causes and treatment for Bad Breath :-

1) Maintain good Oral Hygiene by brushing twice daily and use a mouthwash. If brushing of teeth is not done properly and regularly, the remnants of food in the mouth decay and cause bacteria to grow on the surrounding gums ,teeth and even tongue. This gives bad odour.

2) Denture and oral appliance used by you should be well – fitting and cleaned thoroughly every day. Unclean dentures attract fungal infection causing bad breath.

3) Teeth Cleaning or Scaling done by your dentist is beneficial in cases especially where gum disease is the cause of bad breath. The plaque and tartar accumulated over the teeth gather lot of bacteria which irritate the gums destroying the tissues and underlying bone.

4) Restoration or filling of Cavities in the teeth is essential. The caries destroy the tooth structures and form cavities that accumulate food particles and bacteria. These areas are difficult to clean by brushing and thus form a storehouse of decaying food particles and bacteria giving out bad smell.

5) Drinking a lot of water keep the mouth moist and help flush out bacteria. It is of importance in people who have DRY MOUTH conditions owing to side affect of certain medications, salivary gland disease or mouth breathing.

6) Replace broken, chipped or ill – fitting crowns and bridges. The old ill fitting crown and bridges in the mouth are the areas that collect lot of food particles . These small spaces are difficult to be cleaned by brushing.