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Procedure for Dental Implants

Procedure for Dental Implants

After the complete evaluation of oral tissue, x-rays and the general health of the patient, dentist recommends the type of implant best suited for an individual. The implantologist decides the procedure best suited for an individual depending upon the condition of the existing bone available on the site of the implant. It may be a single step one visit procedure or two steps or the conventional three step procedure may be required.

Three step procedure

Step 1:- The surgical placement of implants in the bone is done in this visit in dental office under local anaesthesia.The procedure is relatively pain free. After the placements of implants the surgeon completely closes the gums in the mouth. The patient is then asked to visit after the period of 3-4 months.This period is given for healing to take place. In this time the implant placed in the jaw fuses with the bone in jaw by process called osteointegration. The implant during this time gets firmly attached to the jaw just like a natural tooth root and is now strong enough to prosthesis or artificial teeth.

Step 2:- During this visit a very small incision is given in the gums to expose the implants.The metallic posts also called Abutments are then attached to the implants.These abutments project in the mouth as mini teeth like structures.These provide the foundations on which the final teeth or

Step3:- it is usually a week apart from step 2, the patient is called in the dental office and the impression of the mouth with the new posts is taken. This impression is then sent for the fabrication of the final teeth or prosthesis. Once your dentist is satisfied with the fit of new teeth on the implants, the new set of teeth are cemented permanently on the implants. You are now allowed to use your new teeth for chewing.

Two Step Procedure :- This procedure is followed very routinely. In this the implantologist combines the procedure done in the 1st and 2nd step in the same visit. During the placement of dental implants, the dentists also attach the metal posts to the implants and close the gums so that the metal posts remain visible in the mouth. After the healing period of 3-4 months the impression of the posts is taken, new teeth are fabricated and cemented in the patient’s mouth.

Single Sitting Implant Procedure :- In the patients who have sufficient natural bone support at the implant site to stabilize the implant, the dentist may decide to place the implant and also fabricate a tooth on the implant post, all in the same sitting. The patient in such cases can start using their new teeth immediately. This eliminates the need of healing period of 3-4 months.