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Cyst Removal

Cyst Removal

Cyst is an accumulation of abnormal sac that is created in human body and it is generally filled with solid, gas or liquid substance. The cyst formed inside the mouth of a person is called as oral cyst and it is usually filled with liquid substance. The oral cysts are about one inch wide in size and painless in nature. The abscessed or infected oral cysts generally turn into swollen, red and painful.

There are different types of oral cysts:

Keratocyst: This type of cyst is mainly identified through laboratory tests as it is very difficult to diagnosis at the early stage. This type of cyst is very aggressive in nature and it is quite tricky to remove the cyst because this type of cyst is mainly formed in the bone formation of the jaw.

Dentigerous cyst: This type of cyst is mainly formed into the dental follicle near or surrounding the un-erupted tooth of the patient. Around the third molars, this type of cyst is commonly found. The formation of this cyst may result in alteration of position of the teeth, especially if it is left untreated or unnoticed.

Periapical cyst: This is an odontogenic type of cyst and it develops when the tooth becomes infected resulting in death pulp tissues.

Primordial cyst: This is very complicated type of cyst that develops in place of tooth.

We at Dentxl Dental Care Clinic offer cyst removal treatment to patients with oral cysts. The ultimate treatment for oral cyst is the removal of the cysts before the surrounding tissues and the bone structures are damaged. Our dentists perform a biopsy of the cyst before initiating removal treatment where they a small piece or portion of tissue from the cyst is removed. The sample is sent to laboratory where analysis and examination is done. Though the oral cysts is harmless and benign in nature, but we recommend our patients to remove it timely before the bone structures and surrounding tissues are damaged.

Through a surgical procedure the oral cysts are removed. But in some complicated cases we conduct extensive surgery where we reconstruct the bone structures after the removal of the oral cyst.