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Endodontics or Root Canal Treatment

Endodontics or Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a routine dental procedure. It Is needed when the nerve and blood supply of the tooth (called Pulp) gets infected either by a large cavity or an injury to the affected tooth. The infection of the pulp of the tooth can cause extreme pain in that tooth. If not treated the infection spreads through the canals in the tooth to the bone and may form an abscess. In these cases the only other option left is to extract the particular tooth.

»   Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

»   Root End Surgery

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Root canal treatment is a simple procedure in which a small opening is made through the tooth. The infected and decayed pulp is removed from inside the tooth and the canals inside the tooth are cleaned and filled. This makes the tooth pain free and healthy to carry out the normal functions.

Root canal treated teeth tend to be brittle. So it is very important to strengthen such a tooth by protecting it with a crown / cap.

At Dentxl Clinic Root canal treatment is a carried out by Dr. Komal Seth with great skill and may be completed in a single sitting. But depending on the merit of each case, sometimes it may require more than one visit to the dentist.