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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

If a patient has missing teeth, then it may lead to displacement of the surrounding teeth. So, we at Dentxl Dental Care Clinic often recommend our patients to undertake proper dental treatment so as to prevent such type of dental issues. It is very crucial for the patients with missing teeth to fix the damaged or cracked teeth so as to preserve as much tooth as possible and for better dental life. Besides, if the patient seeks proper dental treatment for these missing or cracked teeth, then the risk of future dental problems is minimized significantly.

We at Dentxl Dental Care Clinic offer both dental crowns and dental bridges. Dental Bridges are the ultimate solution to replace the missing or cracked teeth and also it supports the surrounding teeth so as to preserve the integrity of face and jaw structure.

With dental bridges the patient's bite can be stabilized, especially in patients having one or more missing teeth. Dental bridges are mainly used to present the surrounding teeth from shifting or moving in the mouth. If the missing teeth in patients are left untreated, then the surrounding teeth of patients will become unstable and finally it should be removed. Besides, the oral health of the patient will also be compromised and the shape of the face will alter and the beauty of the smile will diminish.

Dental bridges are permanent and the patients need not to remove it once it is placed by the dentists. In the procedure, out dentists will replace the missing tooth with an artificial tooth that is fixed between two crowns or caps and then it is bonded or cemented permanently with the surrounding teeth.

We recommend dental bridges to patients who need replacement for small number of teeth and if the surrounding teeth has sufficient jaw bone to support the dental bridges. The jaw bone of the patient, condition of supporting gums and adjacent teeth and the number of missing teeth are some of the crucial factors that we considered before we make dental bridges for our patients. All these factors help us to deliver satisfactory results and make the procedure successful.

Types of Bridges We Offer:

PFM (Porcelain Fused-to-Metal) Bridges: This is a type of bridge where the interior is made out of metal and the exterior is fabricated with a layer of porcelain. This type of bridge is quite durable and resembles an original tooth. We at Dentxl Dental Care Clinic offer this type of bridge to patients who want durable bridge matching the shade of other existing teeth. The porcelain material used in exterior of the bridge offers a natural appearance and this bridge can be used on both prominent and hidden teeth. The final appearance, durability and strength are the features of PFM Bridges that make it a most preferred choice when it comes to restoration procedures. The combination of materials like porcelain and metal are perfect for molar regions because these materials can endure the extreme biting stresses with ease.

All Ceramic Bridges: The All Ceramic bridges are highly aesthetic. With the translucency similar to the natural tooth. They are especially preferable for the front teeth visible on smiling. All Ceramic bridges have also eliminated the problem of gray margins as seen with PFM (because of it's metallic base). We at Dentxl Dental Care Clinic recommend All Ceramic Bridge to patients who look for perfect alternative for their missing teeth. All Ceramic Bridges is considered to be the best alternative of PFM Bridges and always remains the standard choice of many dental patients for their missing teeth. The field of dentistry has made a remarkable progress in past few years and it has become possible now to produce bridges by using long lasting and strong material like ceramic that resembles a natural teeth. All Ceramic Bridges are akin to other traditional bridges available in dentistry today. It consists of a false tooth known as ponitc and also a number of crowns that mainly act like anchor for the false tooth. The false teeth and the crowns are made out of all ceramic. This is the most durable and strong bridges that can be reinforced later with the help of ceramic substructure, thus the life of the bridges can be enhanced significantly.