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Bone Graft

Bone Graft

When the soft and hard tissue supporting the teeth is destroyed due to gum diseases, then bone graft is prescribed by the dental surgeon so as to restore the supporting tissues. Sometime, the dentists many also need to increase the amount of bone tissue in the jaw of the patient for perfect implantation. Many developments have been made in the techniques of dental bone graft that has really transformed the complex implantation into easier and uncomplicated process. If dentist observes that it is necessary to increase the amount of jaw bone to support the implantation, then the cost and time required for the procedure will increase automatically because of the additional procedure of bone graft to increase the jaw bone.

Basically, two different types of bone grafting procedures are used by the periodontists at Dentxl Dental Care Clinic.

The first procedure of bone grafting is actually done as a separate surgery before initiating the procedure of implant placement. The first type of bone grafting is mainly done to make huge changes in the size and shape of dental ridge so as to place the implant properly after a predefined period of time. We are equipped with specialists such as periodontists and oral surgeons who execute this procedure successfully.

The second procedure of bone grafting is mainly carried out when the dentists observe that the patient only have little jaw bone to support the implant, but not enough jaw bone to cover the sides of the implant properly. The second type of bone graft is very small in size and can be done at the time of implantation.

We at Dentxl Dental Care Clinic also use bone graft to support the implantation and to stimulate the healing of the bone, especially during the treatment of gum diseases. The bone grafting material we use act as the stimulator that accelerate the bone healing process after the gum disease treatment.