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FAQ's on implants

FAQ's on implants

Are implants successful and do they provide an effective long term option for teeth replacement?
Dental Implants have been in use from the beginning of 20th century. It became highly popular option for teeth replacement since 1980. Some of the implant systems used presently has been in clinical use for over 40 years with large number of satisfied patients all over the world. With time there have been many more improvements in the design that has made modern implant more economical, predictable and successful.

How difficult is it to maintain dental implants?
The implants in your mouth are like your natural teeth. No special care is required to maintain them. You need to follow the routine of brushing and flossing as you do for your natural teeth. Visit your Dentist once in six months or as advised.

When can I get back to work after the implant surgery?
You can return to work the next day after your implant surgery unless there are certain special circumstances. Implant surgery is done under local anesthesia in a dental office. Your dentist will provide you certain instructions to be followed for few days after the surgery.

Is the Implant surgery very painful?
Implants are placed under local anesthesia. The tissues are numbed so that no pain is experienced during the discomfort that you may have is controlled by medication..

Can dental implants be done for everybody?
In certain health conditions like uncontrolled diabetes, chemotherapy and radiation patients, blood disorders and certain bone diseases, implants are not recommended.

Sometimes the local factors like insufficient or poor quality of bone at the implant site, proximity of nerve or very low sinus make it unsuitable for implants.

Can implant be done immediately after tooth extraction?
Yes .In some cases where the tooth extracted is not badly infected and the bone around is healthy ,an implant can be placed in the same place immediately from where the natural tooth has been removed.