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Orthodontic Retainers

Orthodontic Retainers

We at Dentxl Dental Care Clinic take proper care of all our esteemed patients. We often recommend our patients to wear Orthodontic Retainers, especially after straightening the teeth of the patients so as to enjoy long lasting effect of the procedure. Just after straightening the teeth of our patients we start retention phase of the treatment where we suggest our patients to wear orthodontic retainers for a period of time so as to enhance the effect of the treatment and also to keep the teeth straight always after the treatment.

We generally offer two different types of orthodontic retainers depending upon the choice of the patients.

Permanent or Fixed Orthodontic Retainers: As the name implies, Permanent retainers are the type of bonded retainers that are placed permanently so as to keep the teeth straight always. These types of retainers are placed directly on the teeth of the patients and cannot be removed. These types of retainers are mainly placed at the backside of the lower and upper front teeth of the patients. The patient may feel uneasiness while eating as it will become difficult to bite foods properly. The chance of getting the retainer lost is less with fixed ones and it remains intact until patient’s lifetime, thus keeping the teeth straight. The biggest disadvantage associated with permanent retainers is that it is quite difficult to clean the retainers with floss and brush, thus the chance of tartar and plaque accumulation is higher with fixed retainers which mat lead to gum disease. But our dentists will take care of it and provide the patients with flossing threader which will help the patient to clean the areas of retainers properly.

Removable Orthodontic Retainers: There are two different types of removable retainers. The first type is a clear plastic vacuum formed appliances made out of cast of the patient’s teeth. It looks like Invisalign Aligners. The second type of removable retainers are made out of clasps and wires fixed in very thick plastic body covering the roof of the mouth or else simply lies along the tongue side of lower teeth. The advantage of removable retainers is that it can be removed timely so that it can be cleansed properly so as to prevent the accumulation of plaque or tartar. The disadvantage associated is that it gets lost very easily because most of the time when it removed for cleansing, then the patient forget where they have placed the retainer. So, the patient needs to be careful while wearing and removing the retainer.