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Gummy Smile Correction

Gummy Smile Correction

1) Gummy Smile Correction / gum contouring.

In some people large portion of the front teeth is covered by gums. It is is mainly genetic but in some cases may be caused by by certain health conditions or due to the adverse affect of some medications. The large portion of gums covering the front teeth make the front teeth appear very small. When smiling, the gums appear to be more visible than the teeth making the smile unattractive. This is referred to as “Gummy Smile”. The gummy smile may make some people conscious of their smile and restrict them from smiling freely. Gummy smile may be corrected by the undergoing a simple procedure of gum Contouring or shaping.
Gum Contouring is the most common procedure undertaken for the gummy smile correction.

2) What is Gum Contouring / Cosmetic Contouring?

Gum contouring is a primarily an aesthetic procedure where excessive gum tissue covering the front teeth is surgically removed and the remaining gums are reshaped in such a way as to make the teeth more visible and the smile more attractive.

3) What is the procedure involved in Gum Contouring / Cosmetic Contouring?

This procedure is done under local anaesthesia. The patients gums are totally numbed. The excess gum tissue is then surgically removed and the remaining gums are reshaped around the teeth. The amount of gums to be removed is decided by the surgeon. In some cases a small amount of bone covering the front tooth root is also removed to get better and long lasting results.
This procedure is simple and the recovery and healing of the reshaped gums take a few days.

4) Healing and afer – surgery care

It takes few days for the gums to heal completely. Your dentist will give you specific instructions to follow to aid in the recovery and healing.
You are advised to eat soft and cool food for first few days after surgery.
Follow dentists directions as to how to brush your teeth during the healing period.

5) Risks

There is no major risk involved in this procedure. Since this is a surgical procedure the complications involved could be
1. Gum swelling
2. Gum bleeding