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Gaps Between Teeth Treatment

Gaps Between Teeth Treatment

Treatment of gaps between the teeth depends upon the size and the location of gaps. Gaps can be between all teeth or only between front two teeth. Generally speaking there are following treatment options available

Dental bonding or composite bonding. If the gap between the teeth is small and is mainly between few front teeth , building up the existing teeth with tooth coloured composite bonding is a quick solution. The adjacent teeth are shaped by a tooth coloured material to them so that the teeth look more symmetrical. This is a very quick and economical option. It does not involve any cutting of the existing teeth .However the only drawback is that bonding gets discoloured after few years and it needs to be touched u again .

Porcelain or Ceramic Veneers - Life- like cosmetic smile by closing gaps between the teeth can be achieved by ceramic veneers. These are glass like shells that are placed on the front portion of your teeth thereby closing the gaps and producing a uniform esthetic smile . Veneers are permanent and they do not get stained or discoloured like bonding. They however require some amount of tooth preparation on your existing teeth. They are also expensive.

Braces or orthodontics- The most conservative and minimally invasive option for gap correction is braces or orthodontics. The braces are fixed on to the teeth and they exert pressure on the teeth causing them move closer to each other and thereby closing the gaps. There is no age limit to getting the orthodontic treatment. Also there are types of orthodontic treatment like lingual braces and aligners (see in services - Orthodontics) available for people who do not want wires and brackets on the teeth to be visible.

The only drawback of braces or orthodontics is that it is more time consuming. The results take few months to be visible . It is not instant as it is with bonding and veneers.